Deeply impressed by the Beat Generation, Diren Demir is an interdisciplinary artist who follows the guidance of the "way" both in his life and artistic practice. During his travels, he initiated a guerilla anti-elitist gallery concept titled as Art Space Project in 2016. Since then, lots of drawings about "peace" have been requested from people he doesn't know. He started studying sculpture at the Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts and philosophy at İstanbul University in 2017. Diren's work Unimpeded Art Map which aimed to suggest a solution for disabled people who are unable to reach cultural places and galleries was selected as the best project in the Art and Culture category at the 2018 HEG competition. Diren's other project entitled Create for Art, aimed to renovate and improve the conditions in village schools by providing assistance and materials to fine art students, also gained recognition as the best project in the same category. His literary works are mostly related to LGBTI+ history. In 2018, he translated one of the first books about transgender visibility in Turkey, S.T.A.R. (Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries, Sub Press) to Turkish. In 2019, his book A Night of June: Biographical Analysis of the Stonewall Riots was published by Kaos Çocuk Parkı Publishing.