1 artist between 1-20 October 2019

Vacancy in Performative Arts (Acting, Singing, Dancing, Opera, Theatre, Mime, Spoken Word, Recitation)

Dansmakers Amsterdam is a production house for contemporary dance which focusses on the development of the new generation of choreographers. The young choreographers involved with Dansmakers are from different backgrounds and diverse, creating a variety of work that push the boundaries of what dance can be. Dansmakers Amsterdam facilitates innovative working formats, departing from the dance discipline but often collaborating with other sectors, in order to enhance the development and the relevance of the dance as an art from.

Dansmakers Amsterdam was founded in 1993 as Danswerkplaats Amsterdam, where many now well-known choreographers such as Ann Van den Broek and Anouk van Dijk started their careers. From a dance laboratory, it developed into an international dance production house with its own theatre and studio spaces. Dansmakers Amsterdam now facilitates research, production and presentation for young contemporary dance work. It does so through facilitating residencies, coproducing the work of talented choreographers and organising festivals and other kinds of presentation formats.

Dansmakers Amsterdam is one of the five partners organizing the annual Moving Futures Festival which in 2019 travels to eleven cities in The Netherlands. The production house also organises other festivals and events such as You Better Move, Makers Intensives.

Dansmakers works on an international level and is also presenting partner of the European Aerowaves network, enlarging the mobility of young artist’s work and presenting their work throughout Europe.

Dansmakers is a member of the European Dancehouse Network with 40 dance houses as partners, which focusses on knowledge exchange, mobility, best practice model testing, and building a sustainable practice for artists.