1 artist between 30 September-20 October 2019

Vacancy in Performative Arts (Acting, Singing, Dancing, Opera, Theatre, Mime, Spoken Word, Recitation)

Theater RAST is an Amsterdam-based theatre group founded by artistic directors Celil Toksöz and Saban Ol. Both born in Turkey, they have already lived for more than 30 years in the Netherlands. Theater RAST exists almost 20 years and is known for its engaged, sometimes critical theatre performances. In these 20 years there has always been a close contact with Turkey and the theatre-industry in Turkey.

Theater RAST tells stories. Stories that have to be told, stories about things that move us, about the tragedy and the optimism of a diverse society, here and abroad. Rast has the power to put a face on the conflicts and cultures that seem like a different world for many people.

Rast makes stories together with new maker, writers and actors. We have a unique way of making conflicts personal: In musical performances where the humor is always just right behind the tragedy. With these stories RAST engages a very diverse audience throughout the whole of The Netherlands but also abroad: In Europe, Turkey and Irak. The theatre that Rast makes cannot change the world, but it can change people’s view on issues and it can connect people who threaten to stand opposed to each other.

These new stories are told with the wide range of forms that the theatre has to offer: From music theatre to story telling to classical libretto’s. Rast shows that intercultural is not an empty concept when you fill it with your own origins and inspiration.